What Is It?

Attila™ is analogous to the just-in-time manufacturing process for the airline industry. Attila™ works to move more passengers where they want to be, when they want to be there. It does this by tactically controlling the airlines assets to have all of the right parts (aircraft, gates, mechanics, etc.) at just the right place, at just the right time. The concept of operations is built on three basic ingredients:

  • Dynamic monitoring of all of the airline's assets (i.e. aircraft progress gate-to-gate)
  • Constantly comparing the existing situation to asset availability (such as gates) and airline goals
  • Make small/timely corrections to each aircraft's speed as necessary to drive the overall situation to a more optimal solution

Attila™ was developed for use by Airlines, particularly Hub Airlines and Spoke Airlines and by Civil Aviation Authorities. It may also be used by those working in the aviation industry for whom predictability of aircraft arrival times is beneficial, such as Customs or Security.

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Simply put, Attila™ makes money. In an industry where airlines are constantly squeezing resources to get ever-smaller improvements in efficiency, Attila™ is the one process that can actually "increase the size of the pie". It makes more of the resources your airline already owns, available to you at less cost. It provides an en-route self-metering aircraft time sequencing system that significantly decreases hub airline costs, while increasing revenues. Managers using the Attila ™ tool have full control. Thus, they optimize airline, airport or CAA asset utilization.

Probably the best news of all is that you already own all the gear you need to make it work. Attila™ requires no new equipment, no new ATC policies or procedures. Once installed in your operation, you can expect:

  • Improved profitability through increased revenues and decreased costs
  • Improved system predictability allowing greater coordination between all of your assets
  • Management control of your most valuable asset
  • Increased management control of the airline's most valuable asset - the aircraft
  • Reduced block times leading to reduced CASM and increased ASM's

Attila™ wins ATC Maastricht 2005 award for Innovation

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