What Is It?

AERALIB® is a set of software libraries used for the development of applications related to air traffic control and target tracking including: control, navigation, flight/vessel following, traffic modeling, or optimization.

It is designed to meet both the R&D prototypical and operational implementation requirements. Constructing applications from the AERALIB® object oriented libraries, provides a highly productive environment for rapid prototyping. The same libraries can then be used to develop the operational system by mapping library functions into detailed requirement specifications. This approach enables the user to select the level of abstraction necessary to solve a particular problem. Higher and lower layer services are available to the user as needed. This approach means that most of the prototype code may be passed on to the field implementation without sacrificing anything in operational requirements.



AERALIB® will reduce the development cost and risk for air traffic control target tracking system projects. AERALIB® software libraries avoid "reinventing the wheel" for each project, enhancing schedule performance and alignment between prototype systems and delivered systems.

With more than 115 license agreements in place in 15 countries, AERALIB® is the most popular and productive product of its kind on the market. We use it exclusively "in-house" for the development of all our products.

The AERALIB® Libraries
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