ASDI to SWIM Transition Support

The System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Program is a National Airspace System (NAS) program that facilitates NextGen data sharing. Details about the SWIM program are available at

Aerospace Engineering has been consumer of ASDI data for about 15 years in support of the FAA, airlines and generation of 4d trajectory products as a part of our Airspace Dynamics Lab (ADL). We have also successfully transitioned to the SWIM platform and we are now processing the ASDI replacement TFM data.

Traffic Into ORD (with WX overlay)

Image of traffic into ORD

Flights Near ORD With Hold Events Flagged

Flights near ORD with hold events flagged

Surface Movement at ORD

Surface movement at ORD

If you are receiving ASDI data and have not yet gone through the processes of transitioning from the legacy ASDI data feed to the SWIM TFM data, Aerospace Engineering is available to provide you with assistance in the following ways:

1. Technical assistance with becoming an external consumer of FAA data products via SWIM. Assistance includes:

  • Paperwork
  • R & D domain testing
  • Transition to production
  • Assistance with connection software

2. Provision of processed clean 4d trajectories (AERALIB, FIXM or custom format)

  • Includes as-flown, as-planned, and optionally real-time updates
  • Quality cleaned to eliminate artifacts

3. Provide SWIM TFM data in interim, ASDI-like, format directly from our Data Center
For more information or to schedule your support, please call 301 459 4484 ext. 115