What Is It?

AwSim is a general-purpose trajectory and target simulator aimed at providing a realistic air traffic data source for ATC/ATM systems.

The main output produced by AwSim is a stream of trajectories (i.e. objects encapsulating a 4-dimensional profile of a moving vehicle in an Earth center coordinate system). The segments from which trajectories are built can be made to snap to an airspace structure (i.e. aerodomes, fixes and airways) or alternatively, they can be generated in a free-flight unrestricted fashion. The user can set the parameters that control the statistical distribution functions from which the population of segments is drawn. The variables under control (all of which have their separate distribution function) are: segment speed, segment length, Gaussian transverse deviation, segment altitude, start and end location of the trajectory, number of segments in a trajectory and start time.


The goal of AwSim is to provide a suite of trajectory simulation, conflict prediction and trajectory optimization tools that can be configured to perform a variety of air traffic simulation and evaluation tasks.

Testing. Provides realistic traffic programmed to test specific function parameters such as boundary condition or capacity limits. AwSim will also allow you to test two or more different implementations of a given function to compare effects

Training. Provides realistic traffic for executing operational systems in a training environment.

Procedures. Evaluate the effect of new procedures on controller workload, airline profitability or other parameters. Compare effects of two or more different procedure scenarios in terms of controller workload or airline productivity.

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