What Is It?

Airspace Visual Display (Avid) uses adaptation data and trajectory objects (from any source - simulator, recorded live data, etc.) to allow for visualization of air traffic at any time instant. Avid shows selected layers of adaptation data (airspaces, airports, waypoints, etc.), the two-dimensional trajectory representation and position of the aircraft (the Target objects) at a selected time instant. The "sim time" is selectable from the user interface, and settable to any sim-to-real time ratio, so that the display will emulate a real-time one.

The map scale and projection center, as well as the selection of layers to show, are selectable at runtime via the GUI.


Avid is a cost effective and powerful situation display in its own right. However, in addition to all the features you would expect in an operational air traffic situation display, it provides advanced features and flexibility for prototyping and researching advanced concepts. Some of these include:

  • Random access time navigation of trajectory data
  • A geographically independent display that will handle any location on earth of any size
  • Software handles for function controlled data collection
  • On-the-fly-selection of map projections