Motivation and Mission

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We believe that the aviation industry is fundamentally important to the world's economy. It is also a very challenging and demanding one from an engineering perspective. We are committed to having a positive influence on the future of this vitally important industry. With this motivation in mind, our mission is:

To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.
Our customers are the most important element in our systems. All new systems start with someone's idea of how to make things better. These ideas represent a wealth of knowledge and experience that we make every effort to integrate into the final product.

To create an environment where we can all do our best work.
We all want to be proud of the work we do. We want work which is interesting and challenging and which has a good chance of succeeding. We want to make a difference in our community. These things are not only good for us as people, they are also good for business.

To set new standards for technical excellence.
We will not be measured by what others have done. Our standards will begin with such questions as:

  • Does the system work?
  • Does it improve conditions for the people using it?
  • Can it grow smoothly into the future?
  • Is this something I am really proud of?

To have a positive influence on the future of aviation.
It is our goal to provide systems and services that make air travel and transport safer, more efficient, more enjoyable, and more profitable.